The word "parlor" comes from the Old French root that gives us the current French word "parler" or "to speak". The words "parliament" and "parley" have the same derivation. So the parlor was a comfortable, somewhat private room where one could have a meaningful conversation. Hardwood Artisans makes sofas, loveseats, and chairs that would fit nicely into, and facilitate, the conversation in any parlor. These pieces have tall back supports that are so inviting to settle into and wide arm rests that work so well to support your book or your arm.

 One of the main characteristics of the Parlor collection is the very tall backs, providing full support for those who desire it. The tall backs accentuate the strong use of vertical spindles in the arm sides and back. Traditionally done in quarter-sawn white oak, these look very “updated” in cherry, walnut and mahogany. You choose or supply the fabric to really compliment your décor.

 The seat cushion is what is called a “semi-attached” seat. It appears to be removable, but is sewn onto the spring system foundation to maintain a crisp and clean look. The seating is angled back a good bit, in an effort to have you settle into this comfortable sofa, loveseat, or chair, so you might have that long and meaningful conversation with those around you.