The mass of the legs is cut from a single piece of wood, and then meticulously shaped, mortised, and sanded to a perfectly continuous curve. Each spindle is sawn by hand, and then shaped into consistent profiles, tenoned into place. We further accentuate this shaping by using an optional Curly Maple wood for the spindles. The grain and figure of Curly Maple is greatly enhanced when cut at the defined curve of the bed spindles. This bed is a very delicate and modern twist on the very traditional Antique Sleigh Bed design, and the bed continues to resonate with consumers.

The Artisan Sleigh Bed was designed by Mark Gatterdam in 2002. The bed was designed as a modern, lighter version of the classic sleigh bed. The original bed was made for Mark and his wife, and had a tall footboard with spindles. The bed was specifically shaped for reading, with a graceful yet functional curve to the headboard. The curved spindles were the basis of defining the design. We wanted to maintain the mass of a traditional sleigh, with the frame parts carry a certain weight to achieve the desired effect. Even today, whatever your routine in bed of reading books, tablets, Kindles, or iPhones alike, this bed continues to serve the avid readers among us.

The Artisan Sleigh Bed never had a specific Chest and Dresser set to go with it. The design was done in such a way that it was generic enough to be placed with Craftsman, Waterfall, Contemporary, or even Shaker case goods.