Our custom, build-to-order process enables us to use sustainably sourced solid hardwoods with incredible efficiency and very little waste. Combined with our simple yet thoughtful approach to quality furniture making, we're able to significantly reduce our wood waste. Here's how we do it:

> We design and build furniture in such a way that it lasts as long as it takes for the tree to grow back. In the world of disposable everything, this is the most significant act we can perform. 

> We respect the natural resource by using it to its fullest extent. We pull wood in a manner that any home shop novice would - economically. Our furniture is not mass produced, so we take care to pull the perfect board for each application.

> We design Accessory Items, like trivets, clipboards, cheese boards, cuttings boards, etc., that utilize a majority of the scrap wood generated from our production. Our popular Jeannie Cubes use our length trimmings laminated together in a random pattern (see video below).

> We collect sawdust through dust collection technology and deliver to a local cow farm to be used in stalls as bedding. This sawdust is subsequently broken down into composted manure which the farmer sells back to the community.

> We deliver our wood waste to a local mulching company where it is ground up and returned to the earth.

> We recycle metal, plastic bottles, office paper, glass and cardboard. Our wood shop in Culpeper, VA has only one trash dumpster for the entire 43,000 square foot facility.

> We source our lumber from companies who practice sustainable foresting.

> We use LED cabinet lighting. The lamps have a 50,000 burn rate guarantee.