The Shaker Bed has very large legs, tapered, with pyramidal tops, with cove routed legs, headboard, and footboard. Strong attention to simplicity in the design honors the beds namesake. The Shakers were known for their less-is-more attitude, and we have continued to respect this belief system in our interpretation. The bed maintains a strong presence while possessing a particular grace with its curved lines. 

The Shaker Bed has been paired with several styles of furniture. It lends itself nicely to the Craftsman, Shaker, and Waterfall Collections, but is perfectly suited with several other lines. The Shaker Bed is a perfect pairing to a modern Bungalow home, or even a classic Victorian style. The bed blends well into its surroundings.

The Shaker bed was a scaled interpretation of our Rhianna bed. While the Rhianna bed was having great success, it did not look particularly appropriate in a queen size bed, and looked completely wrong in a king size. In fact, we do not offer the Rhianna in a King size, nor do we offer the Shaker in a Twin. The bed works well with our under-bed-storage system, providing four large under-bed drawers, without compromising the appeal of the bed design above.