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Hardwood Artisans is a furniture making company in the Washington DC area. Our production facility is located in Elkwood, VA, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are about 60 miles Southwest of Washington, DC. We currently employ 70 people, of which approximately 45 are craftspeople and the others are Showroom Managers and sales associates. We are exceedingly proud of our company and its products and grateful for every piece that you trust us to build.

We have been in business since 1976. From simple beginnings - two men and some basic hand tools - we have emerged as a prominent furniture maker, skilled in design and construction.

Today, our portfolio is comprised of over 500 items ranging from an elegant plant stand to an elaborate, custom-installed wall system, all using traditional joinery and beautiful hardwoods. Every piece is hand-finished to ensure that it will be a pleasure for you to touch and own.

If possible, we encourage you to visit one of our three retail showrooms in the greater DC area. Our sales associates are there to guide you through our vast product line and educate you in the process of creating your special piece of furniture.


Hardwood Artisans Old Logo

We started in 1976 as The Loft Bed Store, a simple two-man shop using only a router, Skilsaw, hand sander, and drill. Our first line of products, loft beds and platform beds, were constructed from birch wood.

We became successful enough to grow our operation. Our honest and straight-forward products and services were a major contributing factor to this growth.

The ensuing years were a time of rapid change as we expanded our production, retail operations, and product line. We began to use oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and mahogany, making new and more sophisticated products including Murphy Beds, dining and living room furniture, wall units, and several styles of dressers and chests drawing heavily from the traditions of the early 20th century arts and crafts movement.

In 1998, we changed our name to "Hardwood Artisans” to better represent who and what we had become - accomplished furniture makers dedicated to our craft and our customers.

In 2005, the company was turned over to a second generation of craftsmen. These six partners are the current “ambassadors” of our operations, working to improve designs and products for the changing needs of our clients, actively involved in all of the day-to-day business.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide quality furniture and services in a manner that enhances all involved.

We will seek to:

Correctly determine the actual needs of each customer

Be helpful, friendly, professional, and honest in our dealings

Build each order to maximize its lasting value and benefit to the customer

Limit our commitment to projects that we honestly feel will result in a good outcome

Ensure total satisfaction in each exchange

Conduct our business in ways that contribute to the greater good

We wrote this mission statement in 1998 when we changed our name. Call it a “coming of age” for the group, a maturation process whereby we felt what we were doing had become more than just a bunch of hippies working on wood for the fun of it. It became a social responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner that honored and respected our natural resources, our clients, and our craft.

At Hardwood Artisans, what we do as a company is sell and create simply beautiful furniture. Beyond this, though, is the potential for creating a larger, positive, effect on our community. This “thing” we do is not just about how we work, but also how we live.

This responsibility is felt by all the employees at Hardwood Artisans.
"How can we make a better product or provide better service?" is a guiding principle in every facet of our organization.

One of the great men of American furniture design was Gustav Stickley who, in 1910 said:

"...I felt that the badly-constructed, over-ornate, meaningless furniture that was turned out in such quantities by the factories was not only bad in itself, but that its presence in the homes of the people was an influence that led directly away from sound qualities which make an honest man and a good citizen. It seemed to me that we were getting to be a thoughtless, extravagant people, fond of show and careless of real value, and that one way to counteract this national tendency was to bring about, if possible, a different standard of what was desirable in our homes."

We believe that this is as true today as it was then.

Our Invitation

We believe that people who buy things should be in direct contact with the people who design and create things. Get engaged. Get involved in the creation of your special piece of furniture.

If you are interested in seeing how Hardwood Artisans furniture is made, please visit our shop in Elkwood, VA. We would love to give you, your friends, or your Boy Scout/Girl Scout troop, etc., a shop tour.

We hold the same philosophy as the founder of our company, Greg Gloor. Greg grew up in Pittsburgh, and would often tour local facilities such as the Heinz pickle plant, U.S. Steel’s foundry, or the Iron City Brewery. Today, these kinds of opportunities happen infrequently and I believe something vital has been lost in the American landscape.

So, please consider yourself invited. Give us a call at 540-423-3060 to arrange a time for your visit with us. 

Hardwood Artisans