Our Glasgow Collection is a customer favorite and originates from the Glasgow Bed. The style blends a touch of English Arts and Crafts with a heavy Asian Arts and Crafts influence. The overall design of the substantially grounded base and floating top mimics a Pagoda-style look and feel. The contradiction and illusion of the heavy weighted base coupled with the seemingly floating tops creates an equal balance, like the yin and yang, opposite attractions.

The Glasgow Collection has evolved over time - originating with our Tansu cases which mirrored the Japan mobile storage cabinets of the 17th century which were often constructed with stout frames to withstand the journey.

The Glasgow Bed - Greg Gloor designed the Glasgow Bed, originally called the Tansu Bed, to go with a collection of beautiful cabinets he designed in the Tansu genre. He wanted a certain “mass” about the bed design, deciding to use what we call in the industry 12/4 (twelve-quarter, or rough sawn at 3” thick). The legs are hand cut out of a single piece of stock. The sweeping arched top rail, headboard, and lower bed rail curves of our Glasgow bed- all symbolic elements of this collection. The Tansu cabinets have since been retired and replaced by the Glasgow Collection.