100% American made furniture

Made To Order. Made For You.

The process of crafting your piece of furniture actually begins at our showrooms. We do everything to ensure your total satisfaction by asking lots of questions. Educating our customers is a priority. We want you to understand how each wood patina’s, what the advantages and disadvantages are for one finish over another, and presenting the various options available to you.

When the order arrives at the shop, more scrutiny and questions get asked by our technical group. Once they have a solid concept of what is needed and wanted with the piece, a parts list is created. Each and every single component is calculated and written down.

When the lumber is selected, we then place and orient boards to maximize their beauty. Panels are arranged and “laid-up”, and then glued in the most aesthetically pleasing way. The process of selecting wood is one reserved for only the most experienced of craftsmen. It requires a deeper knowledge of wood characteristics and a vision of how each part will look when finished.

The crafting of a piece of furniture, shaping, machining, cutting the joinery, pre-sanding parts, assembling, and finish sanding all require a strong attention to detail by the particular craftsperson. Because of this, typically one person will craft a piece from beginning to end, ensuring the vision from the initial wood selection is realized.

Finally, the finish is applied to the finely sanded piece. Typically, we use a penetrating Danish Oil, a classic and everlasting type of finish. Three coats are applied and hand-rubbed into the grain of what has now become a finely crafted heirloom.

If you would like to experience the act of creating, we invite and encourage you to take the time to visit our shop and see for yourself. Our craftspeople love an audience, and are eager to answer any questions you may have about how your piece was created.