The Waterfall cases are actually two cabinets in one. We have an exo-skeleton case that holds an inner cabinet, purposely gapped around three sides to give the illusion of a floating cabinet within the space. The five-sided legs are set at a 45 degree angle to the case, creating a series of shadows and architectural interest. This is a very unique design element, and placing a Waterfall piece in any room will create a presence that is unified and inspiring. The Waterfall Collection is one of those beautifully proportioned designs such that it scales up and down effortlessly. The sweeping lines and flowing layered structure all integrates into one unified, exquisitely designed and crafted cabinet.

The collection initially began with the bed. Barbara Waterfall came into the showroom in 2001 with an idea for an Asian influenced bed design. Designers Ken Schell and Denny Pinkerton worked with Barbara closely. Her bed was very low to the ground, largely designed for her arthritic dog. We made some light modifications to the design, and the collection took off from there.

 At the same time Barbara was working with Ken and Denny on her design, designer James Phelps was working on a small table (later known as our plant stand) that would use some of our scrap wood. His plant stand had a similar Asian flair to the Waterfall bed, and this look started the design process of the chests and dressers.

Craftsman Mike Wolniewicz was pivotal to the through-tenon nightstand design, the design detail later used extensively in the coffee and end tables. 

The hardware we selected for the Waterfall collection is hand-crafted in Japan by a fourth generation handle-making family. These handles are forged iron, and further compliment the design. The sophisticated lines, coupled with the rustic nature of the pulls balance into a unique and unified final touch.