Delivery, Assembly, & Moving

Local Deliveries

Our local deliveries are "local" to the greater Washington, DC area. Rates for any local delivery will be between $195 and $235. Rates are based on distance, not the quantity of furniture being delivered.

Regional Deliveries

Within 300 miles of our shop in Elkwood, VA, we prefer to deliver your furniture with our own professional set-up crews and trucks, especially for pieces requiring extensive assemblies or installations, like our Murphy Beds.

Long Distance Deliveries

We work very closely with an exceptional White Glove delivery company, as well as excellent freight companies including UPS & ESTES. Freight can be delivered to the 48 contiguous states. 

A white glove service can be defined as blanket wrapped, delivered, carried into the home, and set up. A freight drop or common carrier can be defined as crated and dropped at the curb. The customer would then need to un-crate, carry into the home, set up, and discard the crating material.

Piggy Back Deliveries

You remember Piggy Back Rides when we were kids? In today’s world, shipping things is not an exact science, at least not large furniture items anyway. There are many variables moving around constantly. As a result, the shipping quote given by the web site may be eligible to be adjusted if we can coordinate linking several deliveries leaving at about the same time and in the same general direction.

Our delivery crews often deliver up and down the Eastern seaboard, as well as out toward the Midwest, generally to the Mississippi River. If, for example, we are running a truck to Vermont, we can piggy back any states along the way, resulting in a reduced rate on the delivery cost. This may cause your order to be delayed by a few weeks to get the timing correct, or it could mean taking a delivery at an odd time, like late evenings.

If you are interested in seeing if your order might qualify for a piggy back, please call us at 540-423-3060 or email Mel Ryder our Delivery Coordinator at We can determine in a day or two whether or not we can combine deliveries.

Overseas Shipping

We occasionally get a request for shipments overseas. Please call us at 877-999-9663 to discuss the details of this option.

Showroom Pickup

You may choose to pick up your furniture at our shop in Elkwood, Virginia. When you are there, you should be sure to get a tour of the shop. Small items may be picked up at our showrooms in Arlington, VA, and Bethesda, MD.

Assembly and Installation

Our local deliveries include assembly and installation. On long distance deliveries, assembly and installation may be added at $100/hr.

We have a complete collection of set up videos on our youtube channel. Please call us for any assistance.

Moving Furniture

We will help you move any of our pieces that you have bought from us in the past to another room or a new house. We will charge $175 to come to you. The first 30 minutes is included in the $175. After 30 minutes, we will charge $100 per hour. Please make sure to provide us with any important details about the move. For example, if we are going to be moving to or from basement and may have a tight fit, or if there are a lot of stairs. This will help us prepare for our visit and give us the opportunity to give you the best experience and service possible.