Platform Pedestal

The Platform Pedestal Bed is inspired from Danish Modern designs, and today it still carries a timeless presence due to its simplicity and functionality. Our Platform Pedestal Bed design maintains a period beauty combined with a high functioning capacity. The Mid Century Modern and Danish Modern eras have come and gone as far as trendy fashion statements. We have continued to have a strong demand for this collection.

Back in 1977, we were known as The Loft Bed Store. At the time, we were only making one product – loft beds. The platform pedestal bed became the second bed we ever made. Many of the original beds crafted are still in use today, even after 40 years of use. The bed has changed looks over the years due to various woods used. Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut are the most favored woods today. 

The original beds were mitered at the corners, and the corners and slat supports were doweled in place, pegged from the outside in. Later, the shop used a radial arm saw to cut the 45 degree bevels on the beds, and then use a jig and a hand router to cut a dovetailed rout in the corners. Butterfly splines made on a table router were then driven into the routs. Over the years, the bed has changed very little in style, but the execution has changed considerably. We now have pneumatic presses and high speed routers bolted onto sliding table saws, making a very precise (.003 tolerance) and consistent cut on each part of the bed band.

The headboards from the original designs were simple boards. Later, floating headboard nightstands, bookcase headboard, and slope headboards were created.

Around 1985, Kevin Carlson took the idea of a bookcase headboard with nightstands that Greg designed, and created the slope headboard with nightstands. The design has remained relatively unchanged since.