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Hardwood Artisans Workshop

Our Invitation

We believe that people who buy things should be in direct contact with the people who design and create things. Get engaged. Get involved in the creation of your special piece of furniture.

If you are interested in seeing how Hardwood Artisans furniture is made, please visit our shop in Elkwood, VA. We would love to give you, your friends, or your Boy Scout/Girl Scout troop, etc., a shop tour.

We hold the same philosophy as the founder of our company, Greg Gloor. Greg grew up in Pittsburgh, and would often tour local facilities such as the Heinz pickle plant, U.S. Steel’s foundry, or the Iron City Brewery. Today, these kinds of opportunities happen infrequently and I believe something vital has been lost in the American landscape.

So, please consider yourself invited. Give us a call at 540-423-3060 to arrange a time for your visit with us. 


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