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Wood Conditioner

Keep your Hardwood Artisans heirloom quality furniture looking like new everyday with our own proprietary Wood Conditioner. This is a must-have item to take care of your Hardwood Artisans fine furniture and to keep it cleaned, protected and to help prevent it from drying. This product is also great for wooden kitchenware.

Our 8 oz jar contains a rich blend of high-quality, food-safe ingredients that penetrate deep into the wood fibers, replenishing moisture and preventing drying, cracking, and splitting. The result is a lustrous, satin finish that highlights the wood's grain and color, leaving it looking revitalized and polished.

Easy to apply, this wood conditioner is suitable for both seasoned wood and newly crafted pieces. Simply spread a thin, even layer of the conditioner onto the surface using a soft cloth or applicator, allowing it to absorb for a short period. Witness the transformation as the conditioner works its magic, leaving behind a protective barrier that resists stains, moisture, and everyday wear.

Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, our wood conditioner is environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wooden possessions are being treated with a product that not only enhances their appearance but also extends their lifespan.

You may purchase this item online or in one of our retail stores located in Virginia or Maryland

Size  8 oz.

Ingredients  flaxseed oil, white beeswax, and essential oils.

This product contains zero VOCs.

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