Office Built-Ins

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A "built-in" is a cabinet or a series of cabinets and bookcases, or some other bit of woodworking that is made to fit or fill some specific space in a home or office and is permanently attached in place. It becomes part of the room. It is not designed to be movable or used in some other place. The sides an bcks of the cases that will never be seen after the built-in is installed are not necessarily finished. 

These pieces may go floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall or they may just cover some smaller section of the wall. The main and important point is that they are designed and installed to becoe part of the room. To get this to occur, the dimensions of the room and space where the built-in will go need to be carefully measured and computed. The trim, cabinet style, proportions and all finish details need to be worked out so the final product complements and enhances the over-all room. 

Contact us if you are interested in having built-ins designed for your home or office.

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