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Lacquer and Custom Stain Options

Natural Finish
At Hardwood Artisans, we finish our furniture with a hand-applied proprietary Danish oil blend which produces a smooth, satin, transparent finish. We call this our "natural finish".

Our proprietary mixture is derived from a combination of commercial grade gloss polyurethane, boiled linseed oil, and odorless mineral spirits. This mixture is blended in proprietary increments in small batches which keeps the Danish oil fresh and unevaporated.  The result is a finish that stains, seals, protects and penetrates and hardens in the wood, not on the wood, creating a rich, warm glow that enhances the natural look and feel of the wood. It will not chip, crack, or peel.

Our mahogany and white oak woods come with a no charge stain. Sometimes a wood color dictates some “enhancement”. In the case of mahogany or white oak, we add a light stain to bring out the best of the woods character. 

Optional Stains
Over the years we have created a number of optional stains. We have tried to create colors that mirror the tones of the period. There is a lot of depth in these colors because they are actually layers of different colors, rather than just one coat of custom stain. Most of the time, we lay an aniline dye stain on as the first step. This actually dyes the wood. We then apply several layers of wiping stain, and then finish with a Danish oil top coat. This layering enhances the refraction off the piece, giving the finish that feeling of depth. 

Custom Staining
We have the ability to do custom staining to “match” your existing piece. However, wood, patina, yellowing shellacs, sun bleaching, oxidation, etc. are all things we cannot duplicate. Time changes a finish. We can get very close to your finish, but we will never get an exact “match” nor will we ever guarantee that we can.

We offer lacquered finishes upon request. Sometimes, a customer wants a cabinet that is “painted”. We are able to fulfill this request. We are also able to apply very dark stains, which require a lacquer top coat to seal in the color.

Basically, whatever your finishing requirements, Hardwood Artisans can probably accommodate them. For more information please email us.