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Crofters Bookcase

Requires $831.50 deposit.

Made to Order: this item requires a 50% deposit at checkout with the remaining 50% balance payable on collection or delivery.
Wood Options
Red Oak
Cherry with Mahogany Wash
1/4-Sawn White Oak with English Oak Stain

A Hardwood Artisans Crofter’s Bookcase is built much like our Craftsman style bookcases, but the sides are open with graceful slats instead of solid filled-in panels. Also, the piece is backless, making these bookcases visually light and airy. 

The tops overhang the sides, so these bookcases don’t sit well side by side. But if you need a longer run of bookcases on your wall and like this Crofters style, we can build you sections that "gang" together to get you any length you want. Bring us your room dimensions and a photo of your room and our sales staff will be glad to help you get just the right sized arrangement.

  • 2" overhangs on each side; 1" overhangs on the front and back
  • 14" deep
  • 12" deep at case
  • Open back
  • Spindle sides
40"w x 14"d x 78"t (includes 4 adjustable shelves)
34"w x 14"d x 72"t  (includes 4 adjustable shelves)
40"w x 14"d X 48"t  (includes 3 adjustable shelves)
34"w x 14"d x 48"t  (includes 3 adjustable shelves)
48"w x 14"d x 38"t  (includes 4 adjustable shelves)

Fun Fact:  In England, a small family farm is called a "croft", and its owners or tenants are called "crofters"
Made by hand in Culpeper, VA. Made in the U.S.A.

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