Simply Beautiful Furniture.

Larry Northrop

Shirlington Showroom Manager

2800 S Randolph St
Arlington, VA  22206
Showroom Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 8 PM
Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM
(703) 379-7299


Larry began working at Hardwood Artisans as a craftsman building dressers. After a few years, he left the company and came back to strengthen our sales team in 1988. In 2003, he took on a lead role as one of our Showroom Managers. When he isn’t playing drums in his free time or cooking Chinese on his wok (his favorite), he manages our showroom in Shirlington, a small delightful community in Arlington, VA. This is by far his favorite showroom that he’s ever managed. He enjoys how spacious it is and how he has the chance to meet and talk with a variety of people. Larry is always ready to answer any questions or explain the craftsmanship and details that go into each piece in our showrooms. He is sure to emphasize that Hardwood Artisans offers an exceptional experience from the initial ordering process to when we deliver it to their home or to our showroom for pick up.

When it comes to furniture, Larry favors the Glasgow Bed and Dressers from our product line. The beauty and style isn’t the only reason it’s his favorite collection, but also because he had a hand in adding to the collection. The bed originally didn’t have any other pieces to accompany it so he designed the dressers and nightstands to add the finishing touches to the collection. Coming in a close second place, Larry also enjoys our Mackintosh Sofa. Mark Gatterdam, a designer of ours originally designed the low-back version. After a customer requested to have a higher back on the sofa, Larry brought a new design to life and now we have the high back option. He’s been very fond of these two collections since he was heavily involved in the creation process. Larry has years upon years of experience and knowledge of designing and building furniture.

If you are looking for a special piece and are near our Shirlington showroom, we would like to invite you to stop by and talk more about what we can do for you.