Sofa Wall Bed

We often say that having a wall bed in a room doubles its capacity. So if we incorporate a loveseat, does this mean we have tripled the room function? The sofa wall bed comes complete with.

The loveseat uses the wall bed as its back support. When ready for bed, simply remove the back wedges and pull the bed down. We have incorporated pull-out shelves in the two side cases that act as nightstands or even end tables for use with the loveseat. Because this bed straddles over the loveseat seating, the mattress sits a bit higher off the floor than most of our wall beds.

The shelf above the loveseat pivots down perfectly in tandem with the leg assembly. There is no need to remove anything from the shelf. Price includes a Serta Insight iComfort mattress

  • Includes a Serta Highland mattress and two gooseneck LED Lamps in the headboard.
  • The "sofa" is about the size of a loveseat, with no arms, and includes two large back wedges.
  • Each side bookcase is comprised of a base cabinet and a hutch bookcase. The two base cabinets measure 18" deep x 28" wide x 28" high for either bed size. Each has a pullout shelf that doubles as a nightstand when the bed is in use or an end table when the sofa is in use. A grommet in the surface of the base cabinet allows wires for alarm clocks, radios or charging stations, etc., to be run out of the back of the cabinet.
  • The round metal knobs (Colonial Bronze #191) in satin brass.
  • Queen Size Hutch Dimensions: 10"d x 28"w x 57 3/4"
  • Overall Size: 120"w x 20"d
  • Showroom Model in: Shirlington Showroom
  • Orignal Price: $13,004
  • Discount Price: $9,753
  • Sold AS IS

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