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Artisan TV Lift

Our Flat Screen TV Lift System provides a very high tech way of hiding the TV when not in use. Here, the monitor retracts into a cabinet, a flap closes, and voila! - no TV! There are numerous ways this piece can be configured depending on your unique needs. With either one or two side cabinets, center units and mechanisms sized to accommodate up to a 50” flat screen, we will surely be able to design one to fit your space and equipment requirements.


We can build this cabinet to accommodate a small (40"w x 28"t), medium (44"w x 30 1/2"t), large (48"w x 32 1/2"t) or extra-large television (54"w x 34 1/2"t). Please call us to order the cabinet for a small or extra large television.

  • Remote-driven motor lifts TV out of a trap door in the top
  • Center unit bookshelves will accommodate CDs or paperback books
  • Optional doors available on the spaces in front of the TV
  • Small - Accommodates TVs up to 40"w x 28"h
  • Medium - Accommodates TVs up to 44"w x 31"h
  • Large - Accommodates TVs up to 48"w x 33"h
  • Extra Large - Accommodates TVs up to 54"w x 35"h


Watch below to see this TV lift in action.


Artisan Entertainment with Double Cabinets in Natural Cherry


Artisan TV Lift

Base Price: $4,626 20"D
Total Price: $4,626.00

This product will take 8 to 12 weeks to build.

Initial deposit of $2,313.00.
Remaining balance in 1 installment of $2,313.00 to be paid in month.
Total to be paid = $4,626.00
* Final amount varies depending on shipping, tax & other charges.
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Artisan TV Lift

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