Simply Beautiful Furniture.

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Hardwood Artisans hand makes quality, custom dining room furniture in northern Virginia. Visit one of our 3 locations through the Washington DC area to find the highest quality custom made dining room tables.

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  1. Oval 4-Leg Table in Cherry with Mahogany Wash

    Oval 4-Leg Table

    A versatile option for either kitchen or dining room, the Oval dining table is an old standard. With its substantial legs, weighty skirt and slight overhang, this table gives the impression of solidity without being bulky.


    The tapered legs have been set on the curved apron at an atypical angle. This subtle feature allows for maximum comfort and design interest. For those who appreciate a country aesthetic, this table could be paired with our Shaker sideboard and hutch for the maximum effect.

    • Extension version includes one 18 inch non-storing leaf, optional second leaf.
    • Seats six when closed or fixed dimension, extension table seats eight when extended. The optional second leaf will allow for ten around this table.
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  2. Round 4-leg Table and Artisan Chairs in Natural Cherry

    Round 4-Leg Table

    We are asked constantly for a four legged round table. For some reason, the industry does not make them anymore. Very stable, easy to navigate, this solid table is a great solution for up to four people. The apron is curved to match the top, and is made of a solid wood lamination (real wood sliced very thinly and glued in a curved form). The legs taper to add a bit more grace to the table. There is a 25” clearance side to side between the legs.

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  3. Round Bistro Table and Artisan Stool in Birch

    Round Bistro Table

    This elegant bistro table is perfect for a small space or to add that "just right" element to any room. The table is built with an inch-thick solid hardwood top with a 32" diameter. It can accommodate as many as four when you're entertaining. It also can provide ample space for a romantic dinner for two. The three gracefully arched legs form a pedestal to allow maximum leg room.

    • Available in bar height or counter height.
    •  Available in dining height (30") as a custom request.
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  4. Large Shaker Table and Hampton Chairs in Natural Cherry

    Shaker Table

    Simple, strong and perfectly uncomplicated, the Shaker dining table shows that elaborate ornamentation is not necessary to create a beautiful piece of furniture.


    The lack of decoration allows this table to work in many different contexts. Not only do they function well as dining and kitchen tables, Hardwood Artisans also frequently crafts these tables for customers looking for a large, simple desk. No matter where the Shaker dining table finds a place in your home, the careful joinery will ensure that it will last a lifetime.

    • One inch thick solid wood top has square edges.
    • 3" tapered legs featured on the Large Shaker Table, and 2 1/2" tapered legs on the Small Shaker Table.
    • Extension versions include one 18 inch non-storing leaf. Second optional 18 inch leaf available.
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  5. Simply Beautiful Extension Table in Walnut

    Simply Beautiful Table

    Light and elegant, the Simply Beautiful table is one of the more recent additions to the Hardwood Artisans family of dining tables. The curved, tapered legs add a chic touch to this simple four-leg table. Our precise joinery ensures that, though slight-looking, this table is as sturdy and long-lasting as any other piece of furniture crafted in our workshop.


    Like all of our dining tables, the top is carefully grain matched to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. In all, this is a simply beautiful table that we hope you will be happy with for years to come.

    • Extension version includes one 18” non-storing leaf and seats up to 8.
    • Second optional 18” non-storing leaf increases table length to 102” and seats up to 10. 
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