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Custom Designs

Hardwood Artisans is happy to work with you on your custom furniture project. In addition to our standard items, which are made to order, we are happy to re-size, change styles and work with you to create the exact piece you are after. These pieces are generally more expensive than our standard pieces, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you got exactly what you wanted.

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  1. Custom Bathroom Designs

    Custom Bathroom Designs

    It is very hard to find a custom vanity to fit your unique space, so much so that it sometimes is easier to have a contractor move a wall to fit the case than finding a custom made cabinet that suits all your needs. We have built many vanities in all styles imaginable, from a very traditional base cabinet to a wall-hung ultra-modern case with a vessel bowl on top.


    Whatever your needs in size, style, finish, and function, speak to one of our kitchen and bath designers for that special piece.

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  2. More Custom Kitchens

    More Custom Kitchens

    In 2001 and 2002, I built my home. I took several months off to complete the construction, and became too busy to make the kitchen cabinets as I had intended. Rather, I hired some of the craftsmen in the shop to build it after hours. A new line of product was born from that. We have built many kitchens since, in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whatever your need, we can make exactly the kitchen you have dreamed of.


    Some of the unique features of our kitchens include: hardwood plywood case sides, solid wood doors and drawers all on soft close hinges and glides, drawers dovetailed front and back, catalyzed lacquer finishes.

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  3. Pepe's Custom Dresser

    Custom Bedroom Designs

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  4. Custom Cabinet Designs

    Custom Cabinet Designs

    Sometimes you have a special collection, or a special space that needs extra attention. Personally, I own antique soda bottles........the "why" is another conversation, but the cabinets that were needed to properly display my little treasures were unique and made just for them. So, if you have an antique train collection, or a room with walls at 60 degree angles, or a space so large it just needs something that is not "off the shelf", send in your request.

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  5. Custom Front Door in Natural Cherry

    Custom Door and Mantel Designs

    The term "Built In" means more than just sized to fit. It means that the cabinets are attached to the walls and trimmed in so that they become part of the room. These are not meant to be moved. This usually involves starting with a clean slate and really listening to what the customer wants. We don’t try to fit you into some pre-designed box system when we design your built in wall system. What gets created here is unique and appropriate for your room and your needs.

    One of our senior craftsmen will work closely with you to create the concept and generate the technical drawings. There can be a considerable amount of what we call design and drawing time needed before the project can even be priced out.

    Obviously, this level of care and attention will come at a price. A built-in can cost up to two times more than one of our more standard wall unit systems by the time you add in the design and drawing time and the installation time. But there is often no other way to get this quality of result.

    If what you are looking for is a custom built in wall system, door, or mantle, the way to get the process started is to call one of the showrooms and make an appointment with one of our senior craftsmen. You will be asked to bring along a fairly accurate sketch (with dimensions) of the room and the walls. Photos help. Also, if you can find a picture in a style magazine that has the “look” you are after, this is also of benefit.

    The outcome of the first meeting is to accomplish a feasibility study for the job, which will include an overall budget estimate, the amount of design and drawing time that you will need to purchase, and the schedule. We will visit the site and do our own measurements and supply you with initial and eventually final drawings and specifications.

    Unless the project changes drastically as it progresses, we are pretty good at staying inside the initial budget and time frame estimates. If this sounds a little like having a house built, you aren’t far off.

    Hardwood Artisans has done a lot of custom built in work. We know how to get to the finish line as smoothly as possible. The initial meeting costs you nothing, and you will walk away better informed.

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