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Now there is a really big word. Sort of like “synergy” or “community” or “society” or “entropy”. It is an easy word to explain in one sentence, yet the entire scope of its meaning is too broad for most people to fully grasp.

Our sustainability is real, and not done for public relations purposes. What we do with respect to sustainability at Hardwood Artisans is correct, justifiable, and responsible.

Here are examples of what we actually are doing currently at Hardwood Artisans that contribute to sustainability and the greater good:

  • Design and build furniture in such a way that it lasts as long as it takes for the tree to grow back. In the world of disposable everything, this is the most significant act we can perform. As a result of this overlying philosophy, we offer a lifetime warranty.
  •  Respect the natural resource by using it to the fullest extent. We pull wood in a manner that any home shop novice would – economically. Our furniture is not mass produced, so we take care to pull the perfect board for the application. We design small accessories that utilize the scrap wood generated from our normal production. We have even designed accessories - our Striped Suzy Cubes - that use our length trimmings laminated together in a random fashion.
  • Recycle as much as possible. The sawdust collected through the dust collection at the shop is delivered to a local cow farm, where it is used in the stalls as bedding, and subsequently broken down into composted manure, which the farmer sells back to the community. The wood waste is delivered to a mulching company just around the corner from our shop, where it is ground up and put back into the earth. We recycle metal, plastic bottles, office paper, glass, and cardboard. Our shop in Elkwood has only one trash dumpster for the entire 43,000 square foot facility.
  • Work with people whose actions align with ours. I often say that we are only as good as the vendors who supply us and support us in our efforts. Lumber companies occupy the largest chunk of this ideology. We deal with lumber companies who practice sustainable forestry. To see a few of our larger lumber suppliers web sites, and their statements on how they practice sustainability, click on the links below:
  • Use LED cabinet lighting. The lamps we use have a 50,000 hour burn rate guarantee.
  • Utilize scrap wood and donate to local high school wood shop programs. For years, the local wood shop teachers have come by and taken wood for their classes.