Simply Beautiful Furniture.

Furniture Styles

Although we are not doing reproductions, our pieces are reminiscent of earlier periods or other places, contemporary interpretations of a specific period in time. These periods were generally associated with some sort of social movement. Furniture design is the result of social change. In all cases, the best periods in furniture design have resulted from the most passionate social times in American history.

Shaker Chest


The Shakers are probably best known in current times for their furniture. These pieces were extremely well made, simple and straight-forward in design. Our New American Shaker style is very reminiscent of Shaker furniture. While we are not doing reproductions, we are coming from the same philosophy surrounding the furniture as the Shakers - function and quality.

Craftsman Chest


The American Arts and Crafts Movement was arguably the largest single most influential period in the development of American style. This period, which has been repeated over the years, maintains its place as one of America's favorites. The Arts and Crafts movement is alive and well in our Craftsman collection.

Contemporary 8Drawer


Our New American Contemporary furniture is true to its Scandinavian roots. These Danish modern dressers and nightstands are made of solid wood. Simple as they look, we employ some of our most precise joinery in the sliding dovetails and corner joints. The edges of all the pieces are softly rounded over. The drawer and door faces have unobtrusive finger grooves.

Waterfall Mesa 


We have taken the Asian-influenced Arts and Crafts style and created an entire collection that we call Waterfall. These chests and dressers are not reproductions of anything that has come before, but rather original Hardwood Artisans designs. We feel that we are carrying on the tradition of honesty and integrity in craft and style that were hallmarks of the Arts and Crafts movement. The legs are turned at an angle and have curved front edges to create visual interest. The lower edge of the top is sharply beveled back to give these pieces a light, almost floating, look.