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Pure Latex Bliss: Naturally Talalay

Natural Talalay Latex with ActiveFUSION material in both the cover fabric and inside the Talalay Latex, which stores and releases energy on demand, helping two partners sleep at their optimal body temperatures. The technology cools a warm sleeper and warms a cool sleeper in the same bed.

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  • Warranty: 20 year limited 
  • Pamper - 8" (firmest) 
  • Nature - 10"  (2nd softest)
  • Beautiful - 12" (softest)

Pure Latex Bliss: Naturally Talalay


Pure Latex Bliss: Naturally Talalay

Base Price: $1,699
Total Price: $1,699.00
This product will be ready for delivery 2-4 weeks after an order is placed.
Initial deposit of $849.50.
Remaining balance in 1 installment of $849.50 to be paid in month.
Total to be paid = $1,699.00
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Pure Latex Bliss: Naturally Talalay

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