Simply Beautiful Furniture.

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Hardwood Artisans hand makes quality, custom home furniture in northern Virginia. Visit one of our 3 locations throughout the Washington DC area to find the highest quality custom made furniture and accessories.

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  1. Lecterns


    Since we introduced these Lecterns to our catalog, they have remained one of our best selling items. The sloped top has a book ledge to keep your dictionary or atlas in place.

    The style is classic Arts and Crafts and the simple timelessness of the design allows this piece to work in almost any setting. We stock these Lecterns in a variety of woods; immediate availability depends on stock.

    Each comes with two adjustable shelves and built-in leveling feet.

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  2. Furniture Care Kit

    Furniture Care Kit

    We have assembled a kit of the “must have” items for you to take care of your Hardwood Artisans product. These kits are designed for our oil finished products only. Lacquer finishes require a completely different system of care.


    Included in the tool box shaped kit is a4 ouncebottle of Kerfs oil, the recommended supplemental oil to caring for your pieces. Also, we have included lint free disposable oiling rags to buff the oil on and off the piece. For minor repairs, we have included fine steel wool and a nylon pad. Finally, there is a brochure on how to handle the care of your fine furniture. In addition to the care kit brochure, there are videos on YouTube demonstrating general maintenance, as well as dent and scratch removal.


    The care kits are available for purchase in any of our stores. By request, we will ship them as needed, but you will need to call a salesperson for assistance. 

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  3. Crofters TV Stand in Cherry with a Mahogany Wash

    Hall Tree

    We could have called this simply a coat rack, but this beauty just screams out "Hall Tree", as it seems to grow right out of the floor. In addition to being very functional – you can hang 16 coats on this at one time and have all of them accessible – our hall tree looks equally beautiful and correct standing unused in the corner of a room.

    The design is reminiscent of a classic Roycrofters piece, but it is uniquely Hardwood Artisans. We make these up in batches, most often in cherry, walnut, or mahogany, but we also do up the occasional one in curly maple or in mixed woods.

    Check with us to see what we have in stock.

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  4. Hillgren Jewelry Box in Mahogany

    Hillgren Jewelry Box

    Designed by John Hillgren, our Hillgren Jewelry boxes may be the most recognizable out of our accessories.


    These stunning little gems are crafted mainly out of scrap wood. Don't let that fool you, lined with your choice of red, blue, or green velvet, these boxes might outshine the jewelry you place in them.


    The box features a mirror on the inside of the lid for ultimate practicality. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life and will become something you can pass on through the years.

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  5. 2-drawer and 3-drawer Jewelry Caddies in Mahogany

    Jewelry Caddies

    Our Jewelry Caddies are beautiful and functional accents that look great on any chest or dresser, hall table, sideboard, or piano. The drawers are lined in felt, and one has an insert with smaller compartments to hold your most precious items.


    One of these chests could be the perfect gift for the lady (or gentleman) of your life. We have a wide selection of these chests and accessories in our showrooms. We stock them in a variety of woods; availability depends on stock.

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