Simply Beautiful Furniture.

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Hardwood Artisans hand makes quality, custom home furniture in northern Virginia. Visit one of our 3 locations throughout the Washington DC area to find the highest quality custom made furniture and accessories.

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  1. Use your Creativity with our Striped Suzy Cubes

    Jeannie Cubes

    Built for great design seems to be the hallmark of much modern furniture, and since contemporary design can change on a whim, we thought that our Jeannie Cubes ought to be endowed with the same ability. The first (and discontinued) 1 inch smaller version, known as our Suzy Cubes, were originally designed and built for a forward-thinking friend named Suzanne, and hence the name. This second version, named for a Craftsman's beloved wife, was built large enough to hold vinyl records and bottles of wine.


    These cubes function as anything and everything from bookcases, to end tables, to airy room dividers. They are available in our standard hardwoods—cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, and walnut. We also build the Jeannie Cube out of a funky "scrap pile", which is a random assortment of our wood scraps glued together that appear to have a multi-colored or "striped" look.

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  2. Cherry Jeannie Pedestal with Striped Cube

    Jeannie Pedestal

    Our Jeannie Pedestal pairs perfectly with our Jeannie Cubes, raising them up off the ground to create a more defined piece of furniture. The pedestals are available in any of our solid woods. Jeannie Cubes are sold separately.

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  3. Square and Round Plant Stands in Cherry

    Plant Stand

    Our square shelf Plant Stand was the first piece in what we now call our Waterfall style. It was enthusiastically well received, and we were asked to create more pieces in this style. The design for this simple piece was borrowed, in part, from a plant stand in the famous Gamble House (by the architects Green and Green). If you ever have the chance to visit this amazing example of Arts and Crafts architecture in Pasadena, California, by all means do it.

    Although most of our furniture is made to order, the plant stand has been so popular that we make these up in batches and sell them directly from our showrooms.

    We have now a round shelf version and a Tall Plant Stand version and we usually have a good selection of these in various woods for immediate delivery

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  4. Hillgren Jewelry Box in Mahogany

    Hillgren Jewelry Box

    Designed by John Hillgren, our Hillgren Jewelry boxes may be the most recognizable out of our accessories.


    These stunning little gems are crafted mainly out of scrap wood. Don't let that fool you, lined with your choice of red, blue, or green velvet, these boxes might outshine the jewelry you place in them.


    The box features a mirror on the inside of the lid for ultimate practicality. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life and will become something you can pass on through the years.

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  5. Pepe's Jewelry Box

    Pepe's Jewelry Box

    Our Pepe Jewelry Boxes are truly one of a kind. Pepe hand picks unique pieces of wood for each individual box. His creative eye and skilled craftsmanship create a timeless piece worthy of being placed with diamonds and gold.


    Since each piece is different we recommend you come into one of our four showrooms and see for yourself which design fits your needs the best.

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