Simply Beautiful Furniture.

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One of a Kind

I have often referred to managing craftsmen as being much like herding cats. It is an almost impossible task. The thing that makes these guys and gals so damn good at what they do is the exact same thing that drives a manager crazy! There is a tremendous energy within to create something. To create something new, better, unique, special. The conflict emerges when they try to change the thing the customer has ordered because they want to make it. Sufficed to say it is never boring at the shop. Occasionally, one of these craftsmen creates an exceptional piece that is made for sale. We want to highlight these pieces, and perhaps the craftsman along the way. Whether you realize it or not, several of the pieces in our custom books are actually pieces that our craftsmen made for themselves. We liked these works of art so much that we wanted to show the public the best of our free range kitties.......okay, enough with the analogies.

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