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Coffee and End Tables

Hardwood Artisans hand makes quality, custom coffee and end tables in northern Virginia. Visit one of our 3 locations through the Washington DC area to find the highest quality custom made coffee and end tables.

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  1. Bungalow Collection

    Bungalow Collection

    For a high ranking British military or foreign service officer in the later part of the 19th Century, there was no better assignment than India. India was called "the jewel in the crown" of the British Empire. And Bengal Province was one of the best stations in that enchanted land.


    Many of these officers, upon returning to England, built country homes in the fashion of the homes they knew in India. They called them, affectionately, their "Bengalee" cottages. This term became misconstrued by the workers who built and maintained them into the word we have today: "Bungalow". The term was adopted by the Arts and Crafts architects and exported to America.


    Our Bungalow Coffee Table features a graceful oval top and lower shelf. The legs are curved for a bit of drama, and the overall shape provides some real interest in any room setting. The corresponding end table is round, to compliment our oval table.

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  2. Crofters Collection

    Crofters Collection

    A Crofters Coffee Table from Hardwood Artisans is about as close to perfect as you can get. Nothing fancy, mind you, just precisely what it should be. The sturdy, time-honored, mortise and tenon construction will endure for a lifetime. The boards for the one inch thick top are carefully selected and matched to make each table distinct and unique.


    As beautiful as these tables are, they are for real world use; go ahead and put your feet up on the top if that’s how you get comfortable. We have made hundreds of these and in the process, made a lot of satisfied customers. The Crofters End Tables are equally honest, straight-forward, and beautiful.

    • With or without the drawer.

    • Dimension modifications made for a slight charge.

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  3. Gemini Collection

    Gemini Collection

    We are constantly experimenting with new products. These experiments are almost always in response to requests we have received. This product is one such response. For small spaces, it is useful for a piece to do more than one function. And to do it beautifully. The Gemini tables lock together to form a very “Mid Century Modern” coffee table. Separated, they make really interesting end tables. 

    • Solid wood construction.
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  4. Linnaea Collection

    Linnaea Collection

    The Linnaea coffee and end tables are designed to match our Linnaea living room seating collection, but would look right at home in any modern or contemporary interior.


    This collection represents a departure for Hardwood Artisans. Previous living room collections have had distinct Arts & Crafts and Shaker roots. In addition, this collection is more technically challenging than previous collections, requiring the craftsman to establish reference points on full boards before sculpting the shapes to their final form. The Linnaea Collection draws its name from the linnaea borealis flower, reflecting the clean, organic, simple lines of the furniture designs.

    • Solid wood construction.
    • Pegged mortise and tenon frames.
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  5. Map Chest

    Map Chest

    The original design of this coffee table was for, well, maps, for a cartographer, otherwise known as a map collector. We took an attractive design and made a few adjustments. This functional and fun trompe-l’oeil piece has two drawers that look like three—one shallow for remote controls and other living room gizmos, and the other one deeper for extra pillows, serving trays or whatever else might be handy to have nearby.

    • Designed to compliment several of our living room collections.
    • Sizes are customizable.
    • Contrasting wood panels are available as a custom option.
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