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Round Plant Stand

Our square shelf Plant Stand was the first piece in what we now call our Waterfall style. It was enthusiastically well received, and we were asked to create more pieces in this style. The design for this simple piece was borrowed, in part, from a plant stand in the famous Gamble House (by the architects Green and Green). If you ever have the chance to visit this amazing example of Arts and Crafts architecture in Pasadena, California, by all means do it.

Although most of our furniture is made to order, the plant stand has been so popular that we make these up in batches and sell them directly from our showrooms.

We have now a round shelf version and a Tall Plant Stand version and we usually have a good selection of these in various woods for immediate delivery.


Round Plant Stand Rockville Shirlington   Culpeper
Red Oak        
Birch 1 1    
Natural Cherry 4 2    
Cherry with Mahogany Wash 3      
Quarter-Sawn White Oak Stained Dark       1
Walnut 1      
Mahogany   1    

Round Plant Stands in Cherry

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Round Plant Stand

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