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Linnaea Sofa - Walnut

This is a Floor Model Linnaea Sofa in Walnut with Blue Leather.

  • $5290 + 50% off = $2645
  • May have minor dents or scratches
  • Leather Scored on Back
  • Location: Culpeper

Linnaea Sofa in Walnut


Linnaea Sofa - Walnut

Base Price: $5,290 79"W38"H34"D

Regular Price: $5,290.00

Special Price: $2,645.00

Linnaea Sofa in Walnut.

This product will be ready for delivery or pickup within 4 to 6 weeks after purchase.
Initial deposit of $2,645.00.
Remaining balance in 1 installment of $2,645.00 to be paid in month.
Total to be paid = $5,290.00
* Final amount varies depending on shipping, tax & other charges.
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Linnaea Sofa - Walnut

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