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  1. Round Plant Stand
  2. Secant & Demi-Lune

    Secant & Demi-Lune

    The Waterfall Secant and Demi-Lune Tables are a perfect solution where a sofa table, hall table or occasional table is wanted, but there isn’t a lot of space. A secant is a curved line that intersects another line at two points. The curved front edge and the organic lines result in a small table that seems to grow out of the wall.

    Like all of our Waterfall Tables, the Secant and Demi-Lune Tables are an example of a beautiful fusion of Arts and Crafts design and timeless Asian details. This is an excellent companion piece to a wall mirror or a special picture. The secant is the larger version at 44" long. We created the demi-lune from customer requests for something a bit smaller, and at 34" long, this table is designed to fit nicely on most small walls. Either size, same price.

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  3. Shinto Bench

    Shinto Bench

    The Shinto bench is an Asian influenced design that has been created and recreated by dozens of companies. Co-owner Mark Gatterdam redesigned the Shinto bench to properly represent the way Hardwood Artisans believes furniture should be built: solid hardwood, no screws, no nails and lasts for generations.


    This bench features the careful craftsmanship of through tenons with wedged keys. The keys are done in ebony wood as an additional accent. To top it off, a sculpted seat makes this piece a perfect balance of functional furniture and fine art.


    Click here to watch a video on how we assemble our Shinto benches.

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  4. Square Plant Stands in Cherry

    Square Plant Stand

    Our square shelf Plant Stand was the first piece in what we now call our Waterfall style. It was enthusiastically well received, and we were asked to create more pieces in this style. The design for this simple piece was borrowed, in part, from a plant stand in the famous Gamble House (by the architects Green and Green). If you ever have the chance to visit this amazing example of Arts and Crafts architecture in Pasadena, California, by all means do it.

    Although most of our furniture is made to order, the plant stand has been so popular that we make these up in batches and sell them directly from our showrooms.

    We have now a round shelf version and a Tall Plant Stand version and we usually have a good selection of these in various woods for immediate delivery

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  5. Suzy Cubes

    Suzy Cubes

    Built for great design seems to be the hallmark of much modern furniture, and since contemporary design can change on a whim, we thought that our Suzy Cubes ought to be endowed with the same ability. Originally designed and built for a forward-thinking friend named Suzanne, and hence the name.


    These cubes function as anything and everything from bookcases, to end tables, to airy room dividers. These cubes are available in our standard hardwoods—cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, and walnut. We also build the Suzy Cubes out of a funky "scrap pile", which is a random assortment of our wood scraps glued together that appear to have a multi-colored or "striped" look.

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