Wood Carver Extraordinaire – Lawrence Oliver

Although Lawrence Oliver is not local to the DC area, we could not pass up on showing his amazing sculptures in our showrooms.  These are works of art that you need see in person to fully appreciate.  Using one block of wood to make each piece, he sculpts away until he ends up with the shapes we see now.  He left us completely baffled, shocked that this form of art is even possible.  We cannot get over how he makes these sculptures out of one piece of wood.  Take a look at the picture below and see for yourself.

Starfire II in walnut sculpted by Lawrence Oliver

Lawrence starts by making a pattern out of formica covered particleboard. Using a pin router to cut out around his pattern, he removes the main pieces of wood that he doesn’t need on both sides. He then cuts away the wood using a band saw.

Escher Knot in walnut by Lawrence Oliver

He then uses a rotary die grinder to shape the piece of wood. Afterwards, he attaches the sculpture onto a swiveling vise so he can move it in any direction, and starts the sanding process. The sections where the wood crosses over are still connected. After the first sanding process, Lawrence uses a “Dremel” tool to cut away the crossing pieces of wood and finalizes the sanding of the sculpture to create his finished masterpiece.

Lawrence moved to Springfield MO in 1979 after he gave up the lumber business.  He feels blessed that he is still able to work with wood. He began sculpting while working in a Colorado furniture workshop, but since he moved he now fully focuses on making wood sculptures.

All four artists are currently displaying their artwork at our Fairfax, Arlington and Rockville showrooms.  For more information about any of these artists please contact Dahlia@HardwoodArtisans.com with any questions you have.

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