Wall Art

A while ago Ricardo and I decided to come up with some ideas for “wall art”, or wall storage that was artistically done. We came up with a few ideas, and have put some in place in the stores.

In Shirlington, we did floating shelves. These have been done before of course, but we like to think that our shelves are great. They are solid wood, 1 ½” thick and 6 ½” deep, and come standard in a set of three at 18”, 26”, and 34” long. The cost for the set of three is $450 (any wood). They, like everything, are of course customizable. The cost to customize is $7 per additional inch of length.

floating shelves

In Fairfax, I did two projects. First, I took our Suzy Cubes and cut them in half, making them 6 ½” deep. I then added a wall mount strip. I formed the cubes around the secretary and chair we have on display. The cost for these cubes is $230 per pair (striped) and $205 per pair (solid).

photo 2photo 3

The second project I did in Fairfax was what I call my shabby chic loft look. I took trim scrap from the shop, all the drop created during the rough milling of the lumber, and attached it to the wall. Irregularly spaced on width and height, this look adds texture to any wall. I really like the way this turned out. Sadly, this is just for inspiration and ideas, and is not for sale.

photo 1

What would you like to see in our showrooms in the future? Also, what wall art have you created? Share your wishes and wants with us.



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