Voice of America

I met Julie Taboh of Voice Of America when she came into the Rockville store one Saturday about three years ago. She wanted to do a story on Hardwood Artisans. She is a lovely, kind, soft spoken woman who is hard to say no to.

Fast forward about two years and 49 months later…..she got in touch with me to actually do the story. Seeing her schedule and story lines, I can see how our story would get buried pretty quickly in the pile. This time, the story’s angle took a modern twist.

“How does a high-end furniture company survive The Great Recession, when 90% of the furniture businesses have gone under?” We have gone through several recessions since 1976. This one has been the hardest, deepest, and the longest to boot.

I didn’t fully answer her question about surviving the recession. I suppose the single best answer would be that we survived by doing right by the customers. We did this by never compromising on quality, happily handling problems, and extending ourselves to accommodate the particular needs of our customers. It shouldn’t take a recession to wake a business up to these basic points of customer service.

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