The Platform Pedestal Bed

Since about 1977 we have been making the Platform Pedestal Bed. This classic Danish Modern bed has been done and re-done by many furniture makers. I still believe we do it better than most.

The first versions were doweled together at the corners, running a series of dowels through a mitered corner diagonally. The slat supports (what held the bed up) were doweled through the band as well. The effect was a series of small round dowel peg ends seen from the outside of the bed bands.

We made a few changes, and settled on essentially a version of how we do the bed today. The corners are mitered still, but we use a butterfly dovetail spline to connect the corner. It is a bit more time consuming to fabricate, but the joint saves time in the end as it requires only light clamping and sanding after. The bed slats use a dovetail rout that is stopped inside the band. We also have changed the connector that holds the band after we “split” it into two section for moving. We have been building the band of this bed the same for 25 years. It is still our most popular bed.


Something that has changed dramatically over the years has been the headboards that connect to the bed. These headboards have gone from a simple plain headboard to an elaborate wall unit tower/slope headboard with connecting light bridge and scalloped shell work in the hatch doors.








When I first started working at Hardwood Artisans, I made beds (and only beds) for two years. We made three beds at the time: the Loft Bed, the Trundle Bed, and the Platform Pedestal Bed. I have probably built a couple thousand of these beds over the time in the shop. Perhaps I built yours.

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