The Embassy Chef Gala

I spent an afternoon a few weeks ago having a lovely chat with Julie Gunderson, the manager of the Washington Post Magazine. She mentioned this event coming up, and would we be interested in putting something of ours in their SWAG bags? After a few questions, I wholeheartedly said “yes”.

Julie was then talking to me about how the event would be promoted. She mentioned My Little Bird. I told her I had no idea what that was, to which she promptly opened a Washington Post Magazine to my ad, and right next to it was an ad for My Little Bird! Man, I need to get out more.

There are several posts on My Little Bird in the Lifestyle and Culture section talking about the event. Since then, I have signed up for notifications, and have read and enjoyed several articles. There was one in particular, about Keswick Vineyards. I had just been there for an intimate barrel tasting that I thought was very educational and fun. Great wines.

Well, ten days and 350 cheese boards later, we delivered our part. I think Erin is seeing stars.

cheese boards

I then received an invitation from Julie to the event. This is a $250 per person event put on by the Cultural Tourism DC, so I was honored to go. It was in the Ronald Reagan Building in WashingtonDC. I took my girlfriend, and we had a lovely evening. Of course, it took almost 2 hours on a Thursday night in thunderstorms to get there, but well worth the trip.

I am happy to say that I picked the winning Embassy Chef, Thailand. It was complex and wonderful. The strangest thing I had that evening was from the Russian Chef. It was a salmon ice cream with caviar…………it tasted exactly like you think. I chased it down with a coriander infused liquor from Norway, which was really good, but probably not the best thing to chase fish ice cream with.

As a result of my experiences, I am a big fan of My Little Bird, JulieGunderson, Embassy Chefs, but still not fish ice cream. I’ll work on that.

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