Sofa Wall Bed

For about two years, my manager in Shirlington, Larry Northrop, has been trying to convince me that we need yet a fifth wall bed system. For about two years I resisted……okay, I finally gave in. Now, keep in mind that I didn’t think his idea was a bad one. I resisted because I knew we were talking about 300 hours of design and engineering time. I wanted nothing to do with this project, already having several jobs in the organization. Instead, in his perfect tenaciousness, Larry found his next “victims”.

Larry gained a lot of interest and enthusiasm within the organization and talked a lot about the idea with many customers. Between Larry, Greg (the founder), and Curt Smay (my partner), they worked on this project for about 5 months off and on. We premiered it at our Lemonade Social, where there seemed to be a lot of interest. 



The idea is that you have a sofa (loveseat sized really), with your bed right behind. This arrangement literally doubles a rooms capacity, making it perfect for efficiency apartments. Take the wedges off, pull the bed down, and you are ready to go to bed. The display shelf (shown with a yellow flower in a vase full of water) will pivot in perfect parallel to the ground. Nothing needs removed from the shelf. When I look at it, I see an engineering headache that was solved. Imagine a wooden object that weighs 80 pounds and moves 7 feet out on a pivot into a room like a feather. Curt actually had to design (and have made) the metal arms that allow for this movement because they just don’t exist. And yes, it took every bit of 300 hours to figure out.



The design is such that the bed lays over the seat of the sofa. The result is a bed height taller than any of our other wall beds. I have to admit that I like it, a lot. Curt and Greg did a great job executing Larry’s vision.

Right now, we are busy cleaning up the cases and applying the finish. We will be showing this new bed in our Shirlington store within the next few weeks.

For more information about this wall bed, or any of our four other beds, call any of our stores. 

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