Photo Contest 2010 – Results 2/3

Here’s the second installment in our Photo Contest results posts. We hope you enjoyed the last photos and the following ones as much as we did. We’d appreciate your feedback, along with any suggestions for the future. Would you participate in this event again?

Enjoy the photographs!

Penny got her stereo cabinet just in time for the Holidays! It’s great to see that she put it to good use.

The wood on this dining table is absolutely stunning!

This photograph of John’s cheese board is making me wish it was the Holidays all over again!

Juliet’s Entrance Bench and Waterfall TV Console complement each other perfectly.

Our Loft Beds are great for a child of any age and the Toy Story figurines are the perfect subject of this photograph.

Judy’s set of photographs had all of us wishing that we were kids again so we could play in this great family room. Her built-in bookcases add to the flow of the room.

Two words – cozy and practical! Featuring a Crofters coffee table and a corner wine cabinet, you can’t go wrong!

Neal’s Linnaea living room won over the owners in the ‘Best Representation of the Furniture’ category. His Linnaea sofas and coffee table look absolutely gorgeous when paired with his interior.

The Glasgow Equipment console looks absolutely gorgeous in any situation, especially next to this stone fireplace.

This completely custom desk would make a great office for anyone!

Keep an eye out for the last Photo Contest results in the next week or so! in the meantime, we’re working on new events and activities. We are excited to see you all in the next few months.

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