Photo Contest 2010 – Results 1/3

When Hardwood Artisans came up with the idea of throwing a Photo Contest, everyone was beyond excited. However, we didn’t expect the great response that we got. For weeks on end, everyone had fun admiring the photographs. We all swelled with pride when we saw what great set ups you all have. Some of the dogs and cats included even caused our office people to have fits of giggles and admiration.

These photos are just too good to keep to ourselves! We want everyone to see just how talented our customers are. Plus, doesn’t everyone want a little ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ in their life? We are splitting up the results into three posts, just to be sure we don’t overwhelm you with the talent of our customers.

Here are some of the submissions for you to enjoy.

This is the Grand Prize winner – a gorgeous living room featuring a Crofter’s sofa and chairs, a Shaker coffee table, and a Waterfall television console.

Looking beyond the cute dog, this living room is very attractive and that isn’t my Hardwood Artisans bias speaking. David knew exactly what he was doing when he placed his two Parlor chairs, Parlor sofa and Highland rocking chair in the same room!

This room is absolutely beautiful. From the Mackintosh Sectional, Custom Entertainment Center, Waterfall coffee table, to the Hardwood Artisans Custom Fireplace mantel, we all want to move in.

This Classic Hampton dining table is no longer available, but the standard 


 style is. Either way, Doug and Maryellen have one stunning dining room.

Getting work done while sitting at this desk must be a cinch. Entirely custom from the knobs to the desk shape, Mark Gatterdam had a lot of fun collaborating with the customer when it came to creating this office.

This Waterfall bench chest and Empress chest look great next to each other! I can’t help but want one of my own.

This bedroom is so cheerful and the Waterfall bed looks right at home!

Leesa’s Woodley Loveseat futon was one of the first submissions to our contest! It looks like this is more the cat, Kefira’s, chair than Leesa’s, however.

Heather had her dining room set custom designed – as you can see, that was a great choice!

If you have any questions about the above photos or want to look into purchasing one for yourself, contact one of our showrooms! We do everything possible to keep our customers happy, but unfortunately, the cute animals are not offered with our collections. The next installment of posts will be up within three days, so keep an eye out for it!

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