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What is a Penny Theater?

Date added: 06-08-2012

I was working in our Shirlington showroom a few months ago when I received a rather odd phone call.  One of our previous customers was entering to win a grant from the American Physical Society.  This was not a typical type of phone call.

He was entering the grant with the help of his family to win money to build a new, improved Penny Theater for the Noyes Children’s Library Foundation and was hoping we would help.  I told him I was interested but I did not have a clue what a Penny Theater was… do you?

Long story short the Noyes Children’s Library Foundation and this wonderful family use the Penny Theater to teach children all kinds of lessons.  The theater is small enough to be carried from one place to another yet large enough to host a whole play on it using small caricatures.

I and the rest of Hardwood Artisans believe education very important.  If you are learning the mathematics of building hardwood furniture, why the sky is blue or the technique of social marketing it is important to keep on learning.  I knew Hardwood Artisans had to help with this great project.  I knew we could build an enhanced, updated an perfect Penny Theater.  Here is what an older one looks like:


Hardwood Artisans Partners with Broadway Galleries

Date added: 01-08-2012

We are proud to announce a new and attractive business partnership.  Hardwood Artisans is getting into art and framing – well sort of.  We have partnered up with an art and framing gallery in Alexandria, Virginia to keep our showroom walls fresh and beautiful.  The company is Broadway Galleries and they have just as much to offer as we do on a slightly smaller scale.



A Hidden Gem – The Culpeper Airport. Located Right behind our Shop

Date added: 19-06-2012

When we first moved into our new shop in Culpeper I kept hearing about the airport behind our shop.  There was so much vegetation (and snakes) behind the shop it was difficult to see.  I have to be honest I didn’t think much about it.

While I have had the pleasure of getting to know people in Culpeper the kind people at Culpeper Airport reached out to us and offered 20 free airplane rides at our Lemonade Social.  What a wonderful offer!  You can sign up for a ride by clicking here.

I went over to the airport this week and had the opportunity to take a tour.  I am still amazed and delighted at the neat treasures the airport has to show off.  They have a whole Commemorative Air Force (CAF) hanger dedicated to storing incredible older and historic planes – not to mention a British armored fighting vehicle – a Ferret Scout Car.  Most of the planes in the CAF hanger still fly!  Check out this plane:

Blue and Yellow Vultee BT (more…)

The Landscape Expert: Jo Fleming

Date added: 03-05-2012

In our Fairfax showroom: Jo Fleming

Ellipse at Dumbarton Oaks in acrylic/mixed media on canvas - $4900

I stumbled on Jo and her outstanding abstract paintings during last year’s Great Falls Art Studio Tour.  And even though that was last October, her work never left my mind.  Jo’s artwork fits in beautifully with the furniture in our Fairfax showroom.


The Nature Expert: Margot Miller

Date added: 02-05-2012

In our Rockville showroom: Margot Miller

Caribbean Sky in oil - $275

North Country Sky in oil - $275

I made the long drive out from Arlington, VA to Easton, MD to meet Margot. And boy was I happy when I got there. Margot is such a wonderful host, not just in her studio and home, but her whole town. She took me on a tour and told me a little bit about the history of the area.


The Color Expert: Mary Eggers

Date added: 25-04-2012

We have 3 new wonderful artists that we want to share with you. We will be posting a highlight on each artist for the next week, so be sure to tune in.  They will be displaying their artwork in our showrooms until June.  Hurry in to see what they have to offer.

In our Shirlington showroom: Mary Eggers

Being a fan of Hardwood Artisans, Mary stopped by our Shirlington showroom one day and after noticing that we display local artwork, decided to ask what she could do to get her artwork in here.  All she had to was show me her website, and I was immediately captivated.

A Big Bouquet in collage - $750


A Peep’s Eye View into an Apeepment on M St.

Date added: 09-04-2012

Semi-Finalist in the Washington Post Peep Contest!

Peepwood Artisans Logo

Peepwood Artisans Logo

Peep! Peep!  It is amazing all of the words you can make a Peep pun out of.  Peepwood Artisans, Peeplydes, Murpeepy beds, peepsters – we have been rolling on the floor laughing at how Peeplarious the word Peep can be.

We advertise in the Washington Post Magazine every week and for years have been laughing at the Peep contest they host every year. My background is in interior architecture and I spent years in school building tiny little models with exact-o blades and glue.  My co-worker and one of our very talented furniture designers, Katie has a similar background.  We decided to make the jump and enter the Peep contest with Peepwood Artisans delivering furniture to Peeptown (Georgetown) to an apeepment on top of Peeplyde’s. (See what I’m talking about with the Peep puns?).

After our planning phase we went onto getting the structure built. Here is our AutoCAD drawing of the box the shop built for us.

We painted the peep box the shop built for us


Hardwood Artisans chance to shine in the Big Apple

Date added: 21-03-2012


Come see us at the Architectural Digest Show at Pier 94 March 22nd – March 25.  We are happy to announce the unveiling of our newest design – The Motus Desk.  Keep an eye out for pictures and a blog about designing the desk during and after the show.

Receive $5 off your show tickets by using the code “Hardwood” when you order tickets by clicking here.


Our Shirlington Built-In Expert

Date added: 19-01-2012

Larry Northrop, our Shirlington Showroom Manager was recently featured in The Northern Virginia magazine. If you didn’t see it, here’s the magazine and his article on built-ins.

Northern Virginian Built In Cover


Kindling for a Cause

Date added: 12-12-2011

My wife, Erika, doesn’t like to waste anything. Her mother came from the Old Country and frugality was a way of life in her house. After all, many immigrants arrived at the New World with very little. My family wasn’t as interested in saving and Erika saw me as wasteful when we merged our lives together. Over 25 years ago, when I started working in the shop of The Loft Bed Store, I would occasionally bring home a couple buckets of scrap wood; small, 0r randomly sized chunks of kiln dried cherry, oak, walnut, and mahogany known as mill ends. We’d use this in our small condo fireplace since we couldn’t afford to purchase seasoned firewood for our occasional fires. She couldn’t believe this stuff was just thrown out. (After all, her mother would have found a way to build a house with it or sell it on Ebay.) But in creating furniture, the fact is that every single inch of wood just isn’t usable. Though the shop guys are very cognizant of using each piece of lumber to its fullest potential, there are sap stains, splits and other irregularities that need to be cut around. Then each piece needs to be edged, squaring it up, and other trim scraps are added to the pile. Admittedly, it is tough seeing all this beautiful hardwood tossed. Well, not exactly tossed. We do send it to the local landfill, to be ground up with other things like yard waste and used Christmas trees. That mixture is turned into mulch.


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