New Kid On The Block

Starting a new job anywhere is both exciting and somewhat intimidating especially for a recent college graduate; but Hardwood Artisans’ fun, fast paced environment has helped make my move to the “real world” an easy transition.

My name is Erin Gallagher; I am 22 years old and I am the new marketing coordinator at Hardwood Artisans. I am originally from Richmond but have recently relocated to Fairfax. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the traffic up here.

I graduated this past May from Virginia Tech, GO HOKIES!, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Communication and Spanish. I had gone into college thinking that I wanted to be a news anchor but after working various internships I realized I loved graphical design, photography, and video editing which led me into marketing. I’m just a video nerd that enjoys any creative project I can get my hands.

I am assuming the job of Lorelei Hillgren, who decided to go and get herself a college education of her own and become a cop (sorry, …..ahem….., Police Officer). She is also the daughter of one of the partners, so she has been associated with the organization literally since birth. Large shoes to fill. My first week was nothing less than high intensity and fast paced. I started working for the company one week before our biggest event of the year, the 7th annual Lemonade Social.

The first week consisted of meetings, online marketing, and ironing out details for the event. Though most of my week consisted of shadowing the current marketing coordinator and created social media graphics, I was able to view all of the details that went into preparing and executing the event. I was able to mainly observe the event and see what aspects of the event our customers responded best to, and what aspects of the event needed further development for the following year.

The entire week leading up to the Lemonade Social, Mark had shared, “We don’t only sell furniture, we sell an experience.” Curt, another partner here at Hardwood Artisans describes it as, “creating a memory”. This ideology was solidified at the Lemonade Social when I saw how each of the sales people interacted with customers; this varied from shop tours and demonstrations to general conversation between employees and customers. Many employees have created relationships with customers that span over the years, and I witnessed their relationships during the Lemonade Social.

Through observing this event I have a much better understanding and a greater appreciation of how this organization functions and look forward to continually learning new things. Mark brought me on specifically to provide a new perspective to marketing. So, with that, over the next few months keep an eye out for a little different look from Hardwood Artisans. I might be the youngest but I’ll show you I know my stuff, talk to you later….

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