Lemonade Social Redux

This past weekend was our 3rd Annual Lemonade Social, and it was such a treat to see so many of our customers. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event from the cookies to the wide selection of floor models we were able to offer, but the two biggest standouts were our featured items: the Essentials Collection and the finished pool table.

We had folks breaking the balls left and right and the cracks of kissing balls could be heard throughout the duration of the social. Folks really fell in love with the new pool tables, with many approving of the beautiful but not visually heavy design. With such excitement surrounding the pool table, Curt was inspired to make a smaller model to put in a showroom soon. We’ll keep you updated!

Many social attendees also fell for our Essentials Collection. No matter the room—bedroom, office or dining—the Essentials Collection is a great deal and was just what many folks were hoping to find in this economy—a fabulous product at an extremely affordable price. Kevin, our delivery manager, said half a dozen new Essentials rooms found forever homes in the DC metro area this weekend alone. Will yours be next?

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