I Made This: Sergio Zepeda


“I wish I had the title of master craftsman,” says Sergio Zepeda, Hardwood Artisans’ craftsman. He desires that moniker. After 10 years of being a professional furniture maker, Sergio says he is still pursuing that goal. Think about that for a minute.

Sergio, like most of our cabinetmakers, is a perfectionist. He works to create the perfect piece, but in woodworking, there is always something less than perfect. Wood is organic, natural, and unpredictable. He is pictured next to our popular Simply Beautiful Secretary, a piece that requires numerous skill sets to craft.

Along the lines of his perfection, when asked what his hobbies are, Sergio says he likes to go to the gym, but then adds that his goal is to get to 10% body fat, weigh so-and-so amount, and be able to lift such-and-such amount of weight. He likes to work in specifics.

Conversely, he loves to cook, which was evident at our recent Lemonade Social where he was one of our chefs (right before he assembled a cabinet for demonstration!). He also has recently picked up fishing as a hobby. He does these things to balance the perfectionist inside.

Sergio is the father of two boys, 6 and 9, and has been married since 2005. His wife, Olga, lived in California previously. They met when Sergio went out to California to see family. After that, Olga received the first email Sergio ever sent, which he signed off as “your future husband”. Many more emails later, he convinced her to come to Virginia. They were married 8 days later. Now this is a man who knows what he wants.

More contradictions in his world: Sergio has his “famous” sleeveless shirts he wears pretty much every day, which he has made custom for himself; His house looks like a self proclaimed miniature Hardwood Artisans showroom, but he does not show it off;  He gets very intimidated when starting a custom order, but he loves the challenge, and he always works through the problems, questions, and concerns;  He says that he learns from everyone, even the “new guys”.

A great craftsman once said that ‘the measure of a craftsman was not by how many mistakes he makes, but by how well he hides them’.  If we can get past the idea that anything on earth is truly perfect, I think we can honor Sergio with the title of Master Craftsman.

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