I Made This: Kenny Keller

As many years have gone by, Hardwood Artisans is beginning to see a younger generation of craftsman around the shop. A number of Hardwood Artisans employees have been born with woodworking in their blood. Kenny Keller is nothing short of that.

Kenny has been working for Hardwood Artisans since he was 18 years old and is the son of Brent Keller (who we will highlight in later months). Kenny credits his father with his foundation in woodworking and goes on to say that woodworking has brought them closer together.

kenny table2

Keller is pictured above at the Highland Table. Keller specializes in dining tables, though he is skilled at crafting a wide variety of pieces. When asked which piece is his favorite to build Kenny stated “the Middleburg table because I had a hand in creating the way it looks”. Kenny one day hopes to obtain a managerial role and become the next “Head Honcho”. Keller said in the future he would like to contribute more designs and learn how to build all of the Hardwood Artisans’ products.

When interviewing the craftsman, there is one specific question that we ask each of them. All of the craftsmen’s initial response is the same, generally a chuckle or outright laughter. But, when asked, “If you could be a tree what tree would you be?” Many of them take the time and meticulously respond. Kenny’s response along with others was oak tree. Kenny’s response to this question paralleled all of his other answers.

Kenny went on to tell a story about an oak tree that he has been watching grow in his back yard for the past 20 years. He stated that oak trees are strong, solid and much like the tree in his back yard, they are able to endure. Kenny says he truly cares about the company and takes pride in every piece that he builds.

Like the oak tree he will adapt and endure the many challenges that woodworking presents. Hopefully, one day his hard work and passion will earn him the “Head Honcho” he aspires to be.

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