I Made This: Aurora Sylvia and Her All Girl Team

Girls Teamphoto

Furniture making is a man’s world, baby…….Unless your Aurora Sylvia and her all girls team.

Aurora Sylvia (far left, above) and her all girl team break the stereotype that only men are woodworkers. Her team consists of Hilda Berrum (second from left), Angela Cruz (third from left), and Isabel Abrego (far right). When asked to describe the women on her team, Aurora said, “They are all very nice, wonderful people.” She went on to describe each of the craftswomen individually.

Hilda is very serious but intelligent and a good worker, Isabel is very good at walking furniture – fitting drawers, and inserting parts, and Angela is good on machines.

Aurora has been working at Hardwood Artisans for eight years now and met her husband here. She is known around Hardwood Artisans for her motherly disposition, as well as her precision on machines.

In the past Aurora brought in lunches for workers, and to this day still has a passion for cooking. She says that her favorite thing to make is tamales.

Aurora is the mother of three, having raised her children for many years on her own, Aurora says that it can be difficult balancing raising children and having a full time job, especially when her kids were younger.

Many employees at Hardwood Artisans describe Aurora as a sweet, serious, and hard worker. When asked what her hobbies are, she blurted out with a smile “I don’t have time for hobbies!”.

Aurora, hopes to learn how to make more pieces and continue learning different skills. It is obvious that Aurora and her all girl team are an asset to Hardwood Artisans and will continue to break the stereotype that only men make good woodworkers.

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