Goodbye Woodbridge, Hello Culpeper!

At the end of the year 2011 Hardwood Artisans will move its whole woodshop and its employees to our recently purchased new shop space in Culpeper, Virginia.  We have spent most of our Hardwood Artisans life in Woodbridge, Virginia building furniture for you, your family members and your friends.  We have been expanding over the past ten years at about a rate of about 3%.  We are hoping this will continue for years and years to come.

This is the front of our new shop. We clearly have a lot of landscaping work to do but when it is done it will look stunning!

We have a lot of big and exciting plans for our new shop.  We are going to set up our own internal upholstery shop inside of it.  (if you are interested in an upholstery job – we are hiring, please email  We are going to be able to have a nice “holding area” for our furniture instead of stacking it in our photo room.  Our showroom will be bigger and our offices a little more elegant.

There are a lot of things Hardwood Artisans is going to miss about Woodbridge, Virginia – especially the Peruvian Chicken from Don Albertos but the wonderful people in Culpeper have welcomed us with open arms.  Lorelei – our marketing coordinator and I, Julianne, the Director of Marketing took a trip to Culpeper to meet up with a nice associate in their economic department and were happily surprised at what we found there.

First we had lunch with Curt and Ricardo at this nice restaurant called It’s About Thyme. My recommendation is to try the lemonade – we all had at least two glasses. They served amazing food and Lorelei and I are already planning to pop in again on our next trip down there. We then decided to walk around and take a look at the surrounding stores. We’re hoping to get involved with the community of Culpeper on a local level, so keep an eye out for collaborations.

The first store we stopped in on was the Green Nest. This store sells a bunch of different products, some that have been created from recycled materials! They research each product that goes into this store from start to finish. We loved the store as soon as we walked in and we were both relieved that we left our wallets in the car, otherwise we might’ve come back to Woodbridge with the whole store in my trunk! We’re hoping to have future collaborations with The Green Nest, so stop in and check it out.

We then stopped in on the Cameleer. I had fun checking out all of the incredibly unique items they have there, like the little carvings from Chile. Lorelei and I then played with the puppets for over ten minutes, convinced that a puppet show in the office seemed like a good use of our break. We stopped and got some coffee a little ways down the street, satisfied with the outcome of the afternoon. Culpeper surprised us in several ways and we’re all very excited to move down there (if only for the chance to wander around some more shops and stop at the Moo-thru on the way).

Hardwood Artisans is ready to be a Culpeper local, will we see you down there?

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