Furniture Transitions

In the1900’s, it was the arts and crafts movement.

In the1930’s, it was art deco and art nouveau.

In the1950’s, the mid-century modern movement began.

In the 1970’s, Danish modern was all the rage.

In the 1990’s, the arts and crafts style kicked back in with a lighter, modern interpretation.

In the 2010’s (that just sounds wrong and funny) mid-century modern has really started back up again. This time around, it has taken on a more textural interpretation. Monochromatic color schemes using a variety of mediums (wood, metal, glass, and fabrics) blending hard and soft-scapes is the trend. Furniture styles give and take from the architecture and decorating trends surrounding them.

We have been working on our mid-century modern collections for a few years. The Linnaea Collection (and the Baton Rouge Collection to a lesser extent) has been developing for several years. I began the Linnaea collection by making the living room items, starting with the sofa and chair.


Lately, we have been making some very modern cases, specifically for kitchens and bathrooms. Sharp, almost hard lines, with interesting finishes, are so totally the rage. Espresso, ebonized, blue stain (stain, not paint, so more like a glazing), what I like to call a “guash” (grey wash stain), and any other color under the rainbow are being created. It is little sad for me, as a woodworker, to color over the natural wood, but the designer in me likes the total effect. These shapes and colors make the furniture flow better with the total room of grey tones and softer statement.


We will be putting pieces in the stores soon that showcase these styles and finishes. In our Fairfax store, we have already installed a modern home office/guest room. Be on the lookout for other pieces in the showrooms.


What can we modernize for you?

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