Comment pouvez-vous dire “bon voyage” Cascade réserve urbaine poitrine?



How do you say “have a safe journey” Waterfall Urban Reserve Chest? In French?

I like that the word Waterfall translates to cascade in French.

We recently made another Urban Reserve Empress Chest for a customer. It was beautifully selected materials. The piece was exceptional, as it should be. Our Urban Reserve collection are high figured curly maple cabinets, limited production, signed and numbered, with a proprietary finish.


We made this cabinet for a gentleman who worked at The World Bank, and he and his wife were retiring and retuning to France to live (as they are originally from there, and their children and grand-children live there).DSC_0746

Their names are Jean-Michel and Yoyo. They are moving back to Chambery, France, in the French Alps. It is near Savoy in the Southeast section of France. I took the time to Google it. It looks simply lovely there.

Jean-Michel and Yoyo were down in our Shirlington location, just killing time before seeing something at the Signature Theater, when they were compelled to buy the cabinet. They have left for France as of this writing, and are aware that it will take up to six months for the crate/cabinet to clear customs in France.

Apparently this is normal for the French government. There is a large concern for endangered woods (verification and origin), and even the crate material is scrutinized. This scrutiny all plays into the sustainability equation, so even if it is a pain for us to go through, it works toward the greater good for everyone.

Jean-Michel has promised pictures of the piece in its final location. We will have to wait and see. Until then, prendre soin de mes meubles (take care of my furniture)…..ya’ll.


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