Amazing Pottery by Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is a brand new potter to the world of artists, and we are so glad that she approached us in our Fairfax showroom and presented her work. Her pottery is not just outstanding, but it is different take on the art. Her architectural background has a lot to do with the angular shapes she plays with. Her first interaction with pottery occurred while working at an art camp in the summer of 1987. She only picked it up again recently when she decided to take a ceramics class in 2009, but look at what she can make:

Aren’t these the most exciting pitchers you’ve ever seen? It’s a double Pitcher Perfect.

Amy’s work is almost like a cut and paste project, but with clay slabs. She sits at her dining table or at her desk in her basement and makes paper models. She then uses those templates to cut out the clay slabs and afterwards joins them together. She’ll press them with a rolling pin into flat slabs or start adding textures. Once she’s done shaping she lets the clay and bisque fires, glazes and then re-fires the pieces to end up with the beautiful forms we see today.

A pair of Pickled Mugs – Amy Jackson definitely knows how to make an eye-catching mug.

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