Accessories Are All The Rage

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Hardwood Artisans is our talented craftsmen. They all feature an amazing capability for creativity, which is first and foremost shown in our line of products, but also in the magnificent accessories that we carry. Many accessories can be dwarfed when they’re near gorgeous pieces like our Waterfall Grand Mesa. However, our jewelry boxes and Suzy cubes hold their own, even when placed next to the most attractive furniture. These accessories are magnificent, not only with the beauty they exude but with the creativity that was put into them in the first place. They are the perfect gift for birthdays and the Holidays, and say something only a hand-crafted item could voice. So, instead of highlighting our wonderful selection of furniture, let’s shine the spotlight on these small, but gorgeous, accessories.

Various Accessories

One of our most treasured and recognized accessories are our Hillgren Jewelry boxes. Crafted by John Hillgren, one of our owners, in the early days of Hardwood Artisans, these stunning little gems are crafted of mainly scrap wood. Don’t let that fool you, lined with your choice of red, blue, or green velvet, these pieces might outshine the jewelry you place in them. Hillgren created the jewelry box after becoming frustrated with the amount of scrap wood going to waste. Nowadays, most, if not all of our scrap wood is used in the manufacturing of our accessories.

Not only is the wood cut in curved lines and traditional corners, but it features a mirror on the inside of the lid. One of our craftsmen even went as far as to have the top burned with romanticisms to give to his girlfriend. You can’t go wrong in giving this as a present, to someone else or to yourself.

That isn’t the only jewelry box we carry, however. Hardwood Artisans features two other boxes; Pepe’s Jewelry box and our Jewelry caddies. The Jewelry caddies showcase two or three drawers, each of which is velvet lined. They fit in perfect on top of any dresser or chest and make organization easy with the optimization of space.

Pepe’s box is a little smaller, but equally entertaining to look at. This is just one more piece that’s fashioned out of scrap wood. The inside is lined with velvet like Hillgren’s jewelry box, but instead of having an indent in the top, it lays flatter and doesn’t have any legs. Either way, I think you have a hard choice ahead of you if you plan to pick between these three!

If you’re looking for something small and practical to gift wrap, maybe instead you should consider our Suzy Cubes. These pieces, while not only being practical, are fun little cubes to give out. You can use them as chairs, stack them as bookcases, and place them as room dividers, anything your imagination can cook up. And if that isn’t wild enough for you, maybe you should consider snagging a couple of our striped Suzy cubes. If you don’t get them, I definitely will!

If you’ve been into any of our showrooms, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve seen our Plant Stands. Ranging from square to round, tall to short, these sustainable products were crafted with you in mind. You can use them as an end table or something to place your cactus on. The sharp curves of the legs will undoubtedly attract the eyes of your guests.

One of the cutest items on our in-stock list are Greg’s Stools. These cute little stools are perfect for any little ones you have running around. You can use them for seating or a step stool to reach the sink, but either way there’s no way anyone can pass by these little stools without admiring the handiwork.

If you’re looking for a more practical gift, maybe you should think about our Fold Up tables. With the Holidays just around the corner, these tables will come in handy when you need a little extra dining room. With a swift spin of the legs, this table can be pushed up against the wall to make room for any dancing and games you have in mind.

Last but not least, let’s consider our Cheval mirror. This tall standing mirror can rotate back and forth, adjusting to the height of whoever wants to use it. It’s a very attractive accent to any bedroom, modern or traditional. These pieces are always in-stock, so they’re a quick go to if you’re running out of time.

So, maybe you’re running a little late on your Holiday shopping or maybe you’ve never even thought of Hardwood Artisan’s as the perfect place to go for accessories. Either way, if you’re interested in any of these pieces, they’re available at all of our showrooms. Not only that, but there are several other accessories you can consider that aren’t featured on this list. This way you can enjoy the snow, festivities, and gorgeous accessories of the Holidays!

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