Hardwood Artisans has been creating solid hardwood furniture in Northern Virginia since 1976. Our time-tested methods of joinery and superior wood ensure that your investment in quality will be rewarded by furniture that will last for a hundred years or more.

About the blog authors:

Mark Gatterdam

Mark is one of the owners of Hardwood Artisans, creators of fine solid hardwood furniture for customers in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC for over 30 years. Mark handles warranty work for the company as well as much of the custom design work and new collection design. Outside of furniture-making, Mark lives with his wife of 23 years in a home they built together with their own four hands. Mark’s gardening talents, though award-winning, pale in comparison to his wife’s master gardening skills.


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  1. Hey! New resident, seen ads in Post, went to web site to see…..what? few products, no prices….nice blog though. what’s up with this? I’m not likely to trek to the store on the basis of what I see here…..for what it’s worth

    • Hi Gene,

      Sorry you weren’t able to find pricing on our website. The pricing is there actually, you just have to click in a little further to see it. If you click on any of the products, there’s a pricing box below the pictures. Sorry it isn’t easier to find! we’ll have to work on that. Please let us know if you have any more suggestions!

      All the best,
      Alison Heath

  2. I would like a custom-designed king-sized headboard made from birds-eye maple, preferably high-grade in the “eyes” department and preferably solid, not veneer. I want it to coordinate somewhat with the maple hardwood furniture I have from the Canadian Shermag company. I have the now discontinued Tuscany model in maple with the wheat finish. Glad to bring in a drawer to give you some idea since I cannot find images online.

    I know quite a bit about wood (two brothers are woodworkers but will not work for family) so realize the limitations of the wood I have chosen…birds-eye maple.


  3. I am looking for a smallish corner computer table-needs a lower shelf for printer and place to put CPU. Do you have one? Thank you. M. Easton

  4. Hi Mark! I have a flat Olive wood piece for which I need two (matching grain pieces) to make it into a knife display stand. The handle rest would be about 3.5 high, 1.25 wide and about 1/8 in thicknes and the tip holder is 2 inches high. Could I send you the platform and the mock ups of the two pieces and have you put it all together? Thanks!

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